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Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
a little later in sports. terry and diane, from the big easy, let's go back to you. >> dave, what are the niner fans like down there? i assume much cooler. >> what do you mean, much cooler than san francisco 49er fans in san francisco? they're pretty cool here. it's a hip place. for instance, when you guys let me go tonight, it will be about 1:30 in the morning and i'm going to walk two blocks to cafe du monde, i'm going to have a beignet, i might have something else to drink, and something to eat, you can eat until 5:00 in the morning. >> i meant cooler than baltimore fans. i don't want to offend san francisco fans here. you can't leave for the beignet just yet. >> it's not too late to get a ticket to the super bowl. the last time we checked on stub hub there were about 950 tickets left, ranging from $1,000 for a seat in the nosebleed section, yes, $1,000, to $10,000 for a seat in a suite. >>> super bowl celebration is are helping day water businesses boost their bottom line. grocery stores, bars, restaurants reporting higher than usual sales this weekend. one store says sales ar
Feb 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
that later in sports. terry and diane? >> it's not just the current 49ers in the spotlight this weekend. >> some of the team's legendary players gathered today to walk the red carpet nfl style. lawrence scott spoke with them about tomorrow's big game. he joins us now from new orleans. these guys know about the super bowl. >> oh, they certainly do. they have several rings. we talked to a ton of guys today. many of the current stars, some former stars, some niners stars of the past, we are outside louis armstrong park in new orleans at the honors show. here's some of who we talked to, some legends of the game and some current guys. what a night in new orleans. the theater bringing together a-list celebrities and football legends all with thoughts on what to look for tomorrow in the super bowl. >> i'm hoping for a no-holds barred. i want to see a physical football game. i want to see a game that is real competitive. i feel like the niners will win this 24-17. >> quarterback to quarterback what makes kaepernick such a differencemaker, so explosive? >> i think his legs. his ability to extend
Feb 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
betty white a couple of years back. "good morning america" first thing in the morning and diane sawyer right back here tomorrow night. thanks for watching even on super bowl sunday. good night.
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am EST
starting in 94. diane feinstein proposing that. that we'll have the hardest time passing. there are some indications the white house realizes that we'll have a difficult time. some more likely is a limit on the size of these high-capacity magazines that carey 30 rounds. 100 rounds. and i think there is a better chance that could get through. the thing that has the best chance is a greatly expanded were possibly even universal background check. arguments about the numbers but whether it's 20 or 30 or 40% a large number of gun sales in this country there is no check to see whether the person has a history of mental illness or criminal record. i think that has the best chance in fact the polls showed 90% of americans support that idea. >> speaking of that today during the super bowl mayors against gun violence -- the group headed by michael bloomberg up to super bowl at times and it's going to run here in the dc market but it shows wayne lapierre saying the nra could support universal background c hecks. does the nra really believe this are making the statement because that's what they have
Feb 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
as concerned about it as you are. >> host: this e-mail -- this is from diane in brooklyn, mr. robinson, we have about ten minutes left in the program. excuse me, mr. robinson, you seem like a brilliant, thoughtful, committed and well-intentioned man. i've heard many things listening to you that i did not know and wish had been more publicized. i am shik to your cause -- sympathetic to your cause, but i have a problem. my question is this: how can you expect to ever produce a generation of black youth psychologically capable of overcoming the terrible wound inflicted upon your people when you keep picking off the scab, when you keep passing on to your children the victim mentality to which i am sad to see you still maintain allegiance? >> guest: well, i don't know what to say. i don't think i can satisfactorily answer that question for that person. um, and i don't try to answer that question, frankly. i think those who have endured and those who have been wounded and those who were in trouble know what i'm saying. and they understand it. um, so i won't even try to answer that question. >> host:
Feb 3, 2013 6:30am EST
. diane, probably the most overlooked central figure in that period. so it came out, it came out that the stories turned out to be 18. and when i did i felt i could boil down the gist of it to give people a sense of it in the number. i really had more of a sense of pages. you cannot do this 800 to come you can't do it 400, let's see if you can do it under 300. and i'm very proud of this, i dated under 200. [laughter] [applause] >> and i wanted to go the extra mile on the chance that what i'm hoping is to have people say wow, we are so out of -- what is this that we don't and our politics is paralyzed and that we don't talk more about race. i forgot what you said at the beginning. >> dubois. >> dubois. the problem with the 21st century, it didn't go away, just like my three books didn't go away. but i don't think it's as essential. when he spoke, remember, the world was still colonized. most of the world was colonized at that time, and were utterly owned by the european nations. and our only claim to fame was that we said we did much of an empire but we are growing into a superpow
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)